The Gear can only take you so far, is what I hear.

Oh yes. Apparently lots of skill is needed, but that’s still to come.

In this post, I want to show you what my camera kit looks like. It’s nothing overly fancy, although nor is it cheap.

(It can be though! There are some nice cameras out there for half of what I paid for my first camera)

Anyway, here we go.


These are the important parts of the whole collection.

In cameras, we have:

  • A Canon EOS Rebel T3i (Which is the American name, here in Australia, they’re called a “600D”)
  • A Nikon Coolpix P900
  • A GoPro Hero 4 Black
  • A GoPro Hero 5 Black

And in lenses, there are:

  • A Canon 55-250mm zoom lens, that came with the T3i when i bought it
  • A Canon 100mm macro lens
  • A 18-55mm standard SLR lens. (Also for the Canon.)


I love all of these cameras, and they can basically do everything I need if i’m creative about how I structure my time.

Here’s a few more photos just in case you wanted to see:

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

This is the EOS Rebel T3i, or just T3i for short. I’m quite proud of the fact that you cannot buy these in Australia, and I feel unique because of it.

It’s a great first DSLR for anyone wanting to jump right into quality photography. I even managed to take a few good photos of squirrels in Manhattan when I first got it.

There’s a nice movable screen, so you can use it “selfie mode” if you wish, it can take great video, and if you wanna blast some photos, it can take around 4 per second. Good for sport.

It’s a nice, cheapish little camera, not overly remarkable, but i’ve had it for about 6 years now and it ages well.


Nikon Coolpix P900

Now this one is a very interesting item indeed. The Nikon Coolpix P900.

The first thing you may notice is that most of the camera is a lens. You’re quite right.

It’s not a DSLR, it’s basically a normal point and shoot camera on steroids. This thing has 83x Optical zoom, and another 2 layers of digital zoom which basically ends up being the equivalent of a 2000mm SLR lens.

That’s insane! And exactly the reason why I bought this camera. For a small price to pay in quality, you can get yourself a massive amount of zoom.

You can see craters on the moon! It’s that good that the atmosphere can even affect how good of a photo you can take.

To get yourself an equivalent setup on a proper DSLR, it would cost you somewhere in the vicinity of $30,000. Yes, that’s thirty thousand. And mostly for the lens.



Eh, everyone knows what GoPros look like nowadays. Everyone knows what they’re for.

Usually some guy snowboarding down a hectic slope, or on a powerboat in the bay. It’s pretty cool.

The only issue I find, is that they seem to be too expensive. I mean, it’s a miracle of technology that they’re able to fit that much tech in such a little box, but I have seen some other action cams cheaper.

Regardless, I still love them, and will cherish them always. I just hope I don’t lose one.


Ok, that’ll do for now. I just wanted to get that out of the way so we can all be on the same page about what gadgets I use.

Until next post!

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